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How to register for a sports class?

Upon first registration, we recommend to follow the short "Tip for registrations" (German language).

How to drop a sports class?

Please check in advance (with your schedule) if you really can participate in the class you are interested in.

Only the day of registration, the particular individual is able to drop a class by himself/herself. Please got to "registration", "mySPOZ", check your personal data, and then click "cancel". Once the period of cancellation has expired, you have to inform the trainer about cancellation, or write an e-mail to In this case you may have to pay a cancellation fee.

How to update my personal data?

In the case your personal data changes, please send an e-mail with your new data and a brief explanation to as soon as possible. Changes in bank data have to be communicated to University Sports Centre SPOZ via a signed letter .

How does the reservation list work?

If there is no open spot in a sports class you would like to participate in, you may register for the reservation list. Once a spot will be opened, you will be informed via e-mail. If you are still interested in this spot and no one else has already registered for it, proceed according to general registration via internet. However, if the spot is already booked by another individual, your name will remain on the reservation list.


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